White De-Icing Salt – Pallet of 42 Large Bags by CML

White De-Icing Salt - Pallet of 42 Large Bags Click to verify Price 296.35 PRICE ON APPLICATION Prices correct as of Friday 21st October. Please Note delivery is usually free to most parts of the UK but please enquire first. Pallet containing 42 large bags of 6mm granulated, low moisture white de-icing salt. We are now able to supply pallets of salt for delivery direct to you. Prices can change on a weekly basis so please phone us on the number below for curent pricing. This white, fast acting and highly effective salt is ideal for using on paths, drives and roads as it is clean and leaves little or no residue behind. This white salt leaves no dirty residue that can be trodden into buildings or vehicles. White salt is a pure product the only additive being an anti-caking agent, white salt is created by evaporating sea water, leaving behind the natural white salt.

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