Which Leaf Blower Is The Quickest?



There are many types of leaf braving lower available from, electric leaf blowers, petrol handheld leaf blowers, backpack blowers, leaf sweepers and wheeled blowers. I particularly like the handheld leaf blowers, as they are very easy to use and can get into places that wheeled sweepers cannot go. A good example of a nice easy to use handheld leaf blower is the Stihl BG86 C-E Leaf blower this is a very well balanced and probably one of the best handheld gas leaf blowers on the marketplace.

Backpack leaf blowers definitely have more power than handheld leaf blowers, but are not quite so convenient to transport or to pick up and use. The Stihl BR 600 Backpack Blower is a good example of a powerful backpack leaf blower. A cheaper alternative could be the Echo PB500 Backpack Blower . You would like to see more backpack leaf blowers please click here or if you are looking for a used backpack leaf blowers for sale, please click here.

According to the video below, wheeled leaf blowers are by far the quickest way to clear your lawn of leaves and debris. A walk behind leaf blower may not be the most agile machine certainly a wheeled leaf blower quickly removes any leaves from your lawn patio and driveway. We have Billy Goat walk behind leaf blowers from 6 hp to 18 hp and also a couple of Mighty Mac wheeled leaf blowers, to see more walk behind leaf blowers click here. You can also find a range of second-hand wheeled leaf blowers here .

So if you are wondering which leaf blower is the quickest you can watch the video to see the different rates in performance in each leaf blower.



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