Stihl SH86 C-E Vacuum/Shredder by Stihl

Stihl SH86 C-E Vacuum/Shredder Click to verify Price 295.83 The Stihl SH86 C-E vacuum shredder has a robust rotor blade of special steel as a standard feature to shred the collected material. The machine can be converted into a powerful blower without difficulty using the blower tube supplied. A Roof Gutter Cleaning Accessory Kit is available for this machine. This handheld shredder vac/blower features the STIHL ErgoStart system, making starting almost effortless Specification 27.2cc 2-stroke engine Power 0.8kW/1.1hp Round and flat nozzles Moulded handgrips Max. air throughput 625 cu.metres/hour (as vacuum shredder) Elastostart (for easy starting) Weight 5.1 kg Manufacturer's 2 year warranty

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One comment on “Stihl SH86 C-E Vacuum/Shredder by Stihl

  1. I have used Stihl equipment for many years, it is ideal for the professional user and also the keen gardener who wants to buy a quality product that will last.

    The Stihl SH86 C-E Vacuum/Shredder is a well-built machine, and yet lightweight, it can be used with one hand very easily. I have generally use these blowers as a garden blower, but they can quickly be converted to vacuum garden rubbish, such as leaves in the autumn. Generally I find that it is easier to use a blower and blow leaves etc into a corner and then vacuum any remaining leaves etc!

    I have owned one of these Stihl leaf blowers for many years and have used many more of them in people’s gardens would literally no problems! I would recommend the Stihl garden blower as a very good buy, which will save you many hours work and you will have a long-lasting machine that is well engineered.

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