Mountfield Recoil Assembly 196cc RM65 118550277/1 by Mountfield Parts and Attachments

Mountfield Recoil Assembly 196cc RM65 118550277/1 Click to verify Price 66.71 Mountfield Recoil Assembly RM65 118550277/1 WBE0704 For the Mountfield GGP RM 65 Engine (196cc OHV) & 5500 Series Fits the following Ride On models with RM65 engines; R25V (RM65-ES OHV 196cc) 2T0030436/BQ (2011) 725V-M (RM65-ES OHV 196cc) 2T0314483/UM9 (2010) R25V (RM65-ES OHV 196cc) 2T0030436/BQ (2010) R25M (RM65-ES 196cc) 299971536/BQ (2009) 5500Series; 725V (Series 5500-RM65 ES) 2T0314483/UM9 (2011) NOT for walk behind models with RM65 200cc engine (different recoil assembly, despite same engine model name)

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