Mountfield Carburettor Gasket V35 RV150 SV150 118550019/0 by Mountfield Parts and Attachments

Mountfield Carburettor Gasket V35 RV150 SV150 118550019/0 Click to verify Price 7.05 Mountfield Carburettor Gasket Set V35 RV150 SV150 118550019/0 For the Mountfield GGP V35, RV150 & SV150 150cc GGP engines Fits the following models with V35 / RV150 / SV150 Series engines; Mountfield HP184 Mountfield SP184 Mountfield HP414 Mountfield SP414 Mountfield HP454 Mountfield SP454 Mountfield S421 HP Mountfield S421 PD Castel M150 Castel RV150 Castel SV150 Castel SV150M Castel SV150-T Castel Tellus 360G Please Note : These are currently a Special Order Item from the manufacturer who predict stocks will be available from approx end Feb, beginning of March 2015. Any orders placed will be put on backorder until the stocks are ready.

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 7.05 VERIFY
Brand: Mountfield Parts and Attachments VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
Product created on: 19-12-2014 11:54 VERIFY
Product Last updated: 06-10-2015 11:06 VERIFY

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