Monmouth Outdoor Single Tower PlayCentre – Wooden climbing frame by Garden Games

Monmouth Outdoor Single Tower PlayCentre - Wooden climbing frame Click to verify Price 829.00 The single Monmouth Climbing Frame has been designed to provide a Climbing Frame for children of varied ages, as well as a strong base for adding more climbing features for older active children. The prime differences between the single Arundel Climbing Frame and the Monmouth Climbing Frame are the inclusion of a sturdy and attractive wooden staircase allowing easy access for very young children and a larger 90cm (3ft) x 120cm (4ft) enclosed platform. The tower provides access to the 3m (10ft) wavy green slide, and the enclosed balustrades are perfect for creating an imaginary fort or castle. Attached to one side of the tower is an 8 rung x 4 strand commando net, on the other the tall swing arm with two adjustable height wooden swings and climbing rope. Included within the tower base is a sandpit with seats. Product Package includes: Double Swing Frame Climbing Tower Access Ladder 2 x Wooden Swing Seats 3m Slide Dimensions: Platform Size:1.2m x 0.9m (47″ x 36″) Platform Height: 1.5m (59″) Overall Dimensions and Length Of Swing Arm: 4.5m x L5.8m (177″ x L228″) Overall Height:3.1m (122″) Swing Arm Height: 2.65m (104″) Tower Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.9m x 3.1m (47″ x 36″ x 122″) Platform Access: Wooden staircase, wooden rungs and Commando net Slide Dimensions: 3.0m (118″) Build Time: approximately 6 to 8 hours ———————————————————————————————————————– General Information Selected top grade pine (from forests approved and managed under the PEFC) scheme and which is seasoned, machined, planed smooth with rounded edges. All fixing holes and nut recesses are drilled, then the timber is pressure treated using a non-toxic solution approved for chilren's playground equipment. Included with each product are all necessary fittings (galvanised or stainless steel, fasteners, ropes, a detailed set of assembly instructions and even a drill bit for preparing screw holes. The galvanised swing hangers have low-noise nylon bearings, and bolt through the swing arm beam. Stability is provided by both the design and utilising Spiralock ground anchors with easy-drive fitting. Delivery, Installation, and Assembly Before purchasing of installing your PlayCentre, measure your garden. An unobstructed safety area of about 1.5m should be left for access and safety, with a clear zone of about 2.5m in front and behind the swings. All sections of your PlayCentre are delivered flat-packed in manageable components. Delivery: BEFORE SIGNING for your delivery, please check that you have received all the components to build your PlayCentre and that none of the packages are damaged or open. Packages are labelled 1/9, 2/9 etc for easy checking. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, please sign 'damaged' or 'missing' and CROSS OUT the line 'Received in good condition' if there is any discrepancy. You should then contact us immediately on 01452-616169. We recommend two or more people for assembling the PlayCentre. You may find it easier to make up the tower components horizontally before raising them upright. You will need some tools for the assembly. In particular, 13mm and 17mm box or socket spanners, a drill with Phillips driver, level and tape measure. Note: wood is a natural product and as such is subject to the moisture content of the air and ground. Sometimes cracks or splits may appear, but this will not result in weakening of structural stability. Warranty All PlayCentre products carry a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on all timber sections.

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