Mitox LS55 5 Tonne Electric Log Splitter by Mitox

Mitox LS55 5 Tonne Electric Log Splitter Click to verify Price 249.00 If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to split logs then the Mitox LS55 electric log splitter is the perfect solution. The Mitox LS55 will have you splitting logs in seconds without the backache of doing it manually. The LS55 has a more powerful motor than the LS45 (2200w motor) and can produce 5.5 tonnes of splitting force which is ideal for the tougher logs that need splitting. The LS55 has a long frame which is capable of holding 520mm logs. It also has an adjustable splitting stroke which offers quick split technology. This means that you no longer have to wait for the pushback to reach the full 520mm before activating the push block again, this is ideal if you are splitting smaller logs. This machine is easy to manoeuvre around the garden as it has two large transport wheels. It is also compact and easy to store away when it is not in use. Specifications: Type: Horizontal Motor: 240v Electric Power: 2200W Maximum Splitting Force: 5.5 tonnes Splitting Length: 520mm Cable Length: 5M Reinforced Push Block: Yes Multisplit: No Quicksplit: Yes Weight : 45kg

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