Mitox HT70S Pro Petrol 70cm Hedge Trimmer by Mitox

Mitox HT70S Pro Petrol 70cm Hedge Trimmer Click to verify Price 209.00 Updated to Mitox 700SX Premium This new and improved hedge trimmer has a number of new features to help improve the user experience. It is the ideal machine for land owners who have a lot of hedges and bushes to uphold. The Mitox HT70S hedge trimmer has a 25.4cc engine which can produce 0.75kw of power. It has a 0.33 litre fuel tank capacity and an easy starting system. The easy starting system reduces the resistance of the starting cord making it easier to pull and easier to start. This machine features specially designed hardened 70cm reciprocating blades that offer a high quality cut time after time. The machine is also extremely user friendly, it is comfortable to use and has an anti-vibration system to help prevent fatigue. The HT70S is also light weight so it is easy to manoeuvre. Specifications: Engine: 2-Stroke Cylinder Displacement: 24.5cc Power: 0.75KW Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.33L Blade Type: Single Sided Blade Length: 73cm Vibration – Highest Single Axis:6.51 m/s Weight: 5.3kg

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