Mitox 28SK Split Shaft Petrol Brush cutter by Mitox

Mitox 28SK Split Shaft Petrol Brush cutter Click to verify Price 329.00 Superb quality Mitox split shaft brush cutter with Kawasaki engine and loop handle. The Mitox 28SK is a heavier duty petrol brush cutter and grass trimmer which comes with both a nylon cutting head and metal blade. The nylon bump feed head is simple to use. When more line is needed just 'bump' the trimmer head on the ground to feed the line through. The 3 tooth metal blade can cut through thick growth including weeds, nettles and brambles. Mitox have the addition of Kawasaki engines on their top of the range garden products for the 2014 – 2015 season. Kawasaki engines are world renowned for their power and reliability. The Mitox 28SK brush cutter is fitted with a 26.3cc petrol two stroke engine. When using 2 stroke machinery remember to mix your oil and fuel before filling the tank. If using a good quality synthetic oil ISO-L-EGD & FD Certification Mitox recommend a ratio of 40:1. Additional features on the Mitox 28SK include the split shaft so the brush cutter can be interchanged with the Mitox My Tool attachments, premium anti-vibration front and rear handles & an extensive 3 year homeowner warranty. Specifications Model : 28SK Type : Split Shaft Engine : Kawasaki TJ27 Power : 0.77 kW Cylinder Displacement : 26.3cc Fuel : Unleaded petrol Oil: 2 stroke Handle Type : Loop, premium anti-vibration front & rear Nylon Head : Bump Feed Blade : 3 tooth metal, HD 255mm Weight : 6.6kg Warranty : 3 year domestic The engine is lubricated by oil mixed into petrol. Prepare a mixture of unleaded petrol and semi-synthetic two-stroke oil that meets the specifications of:API TC, ISO-L-EGC, JASO FC (Low Smoke) oil.

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