Mitox 28LHA 60cm Hedge Trimmer Attachment by Mitox Parts and Attachments

Mitox 28LHA 60cm Hedge Trimmer Attachment Click to verify Price 139.00 If you are looking for a long reach hedge cutter attachment for your Mitox 33S MT or Mitox 26S MT Split Shaft Brushcutter then this Mitox 28LHA attachment is the perfect accessory. This attachment has a 55cm blade length and an articulating action of 220°. When this attachment is attached to the power unit it weighs 7.4kg and is 2390mm long. Will also fit the Mitox 281MT , 28MT , 268LRH , 28LRH Specifications: Blade Length: 550mm Blade Articulation: 220° Dry Weight Fitted: 7.4kg Total Length Fitted: 2390mm

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 139.00 VERIFY
Brand: Mitox Parts and Attachments VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
Product created on: 14-10-2014 22:44 VERIFY
Product Last updated: 01-02-2015 17:46 VERIFY

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