Mantis Dethatcher/Scarifier and Aerator Kit by Mantis

Mantis Dethatcher/Scarifier and Aerator Kit Click to verify Price 140.95 UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE NO LONGER SELLING ANY MANTIS MACHINERY These accessories are suitable for both the Mantis Mini Cultivator and the Mantis Electric Cultivator. Lawn Scarifier/Dethatcher: Lawn thatch is a normal build-up of the grass root parts (stolons and rhyzomes), bound up with some dead plant material, near the surface of the soil. When thatch is more than 1/2″ thick, it can prevent air, water and nutrients penetrating to the roots. Heavy thatch harbors insect pests and prevents new grass plants from getting started. This attachment has 60 strong, flexible spring-steel picks which gently pull up the thatch across a 15″ swath as you walk along behind it. Dethatch your lawn regularly in Spring or Autumn – especially before seeding or fertilizing. Lawn Aerator: This aerator will cut thousands of tiny slits in your lawn to allow more air, water and nutrients to penetrate. This promotes the activity of beneficial soil micro-organisms and encourages healthy lawns. Periodic aeration is especially recommended in areas where compaction occurs and where soil is heavy.clay. Aerate before spot-seeding your lawn.

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