Kawasaki KMX01A 36 inch Pruner Extension by Kawasaki

Kawasaki KMX01A 36 inch Pruner Extension Click to verify Price 138.00 Kawasaki KMX01A 36 inch Pruner Extension Shaft to be used with the Kawasaki KMS27A power unit and Kawasaki Kawasaki KMP01A Power Pruner Attachment. Petrol multi tools are a convenient and space saving way of tackling a variety of gardening jobs. The power units can be used with a range of attachments depending on the job at hand. The Kawasaki KMX01A is part of the range of four attachments for the Kawasaki KMS 27A multi tool. Specifications Pipe Diameter : 24mm Pipe Coating : Anodising Pipe Bearing : Flexible Liner Drive Shaft Type : Flexible cable Drive Shaft Diamater : 7mm Dimensions : 996 x 66.5 x 92.2 mm Weight : 1.2kg Manufacturer's 3 Year Professional, 5 Year Private Warranty

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