Kawasaki KHT600-S Double-sided Hedge Trimmer by Kawasaki

Kawasaki KHT600-S Double-sided Hedge Trimmer Click to verify Price 433.00 The Kawasaki KHT600-S hedge trimmer has a double sided 598mm cutting blade, 22.5cc 2-stroke engine is lightweight and low noise. Features Fully covered gear case and safety guard Starting enrichment automatically disengages when throttle is applied Rotary throttle body type carburettor provides quick strats Excellent balances allows operator various cutting positions Perfectly sharpened and closely fitted upper and lower cutting edges provide exceptional cutting quality Specification Cutting length: 598mm Engine Type: Forced air cooled 2-stroke petrol verticle shaft Displacement: 22.5cm Carburettor: Diaphram Starter type: Recoil Ignition: Solid state Spark Plug: NGK BMR4A Clutch: Automatic centifugal type 54mm Clutch type: dry Fuel-Mixing: unleaded petrol Ratio: 50/1 two stroke engine oil Fuel-tank capacity: 0.5ltrs Dimensions: L1036 x W251 x H224mm Weight: 5.5kg Manufacturer's3 year professional warranty, 5 years private

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