Karcher T300 T-Racer Patio Cleaner by Karcher

Karcher T300 T-Racer Patio Cleaner Click to verify Price 73.99 The Karcher T300 -Racer patio cleaner can be attached to any Kärcher pressure washer. The attachmentis a patio cleaning device that can be used on fencing, garage doors and a number of different surfaces. It has two dirtblasting nozzles on opposite ends of a propeller attached inside the outer casing. When the high pressure water is blasted through the lance and propeller a hovercraft effect is created that cleans the whole patio in a tornado effect. It reduces the cleaning task by five times thus decreasing motor ware, water usage and the time spent cleaning by the consumer. The cleaning nozzles are height adjustable to cater for differing floor or wall surfaces. Finally the outer casing protects from splash back, which stops irritating dirt being spread around your home. The T300 features 2 Rotating Jet Nozzles a handle for Cleaning Vertical Surfaces and Splashback Protection. 10 times faster than a regular high pressure lance Other Karcher accessories can be connected to the extension tubes.

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