John Deere Toy Backhoe Loader Attachment by John Deere Childrens’s Toys

John Deere Toy Backhoe Loader Attachment Click to verify Price 62.93 The rear excavator can only be used when stationary with support leg down, the seat and arm can turn through 180 degrees, the control levers allow it to raise and lower scoop and tip material just like the real thing. The excavator arm moves clockwise to 90 degrees to allow the support leg to rise enabling the tractor to move forwards or backwards. Attaches to rear coupling point of the tractor with supplied clip pin and has a coupling point at its rear to attach a trailer (four wheeled types recommended). Fits allPedal tractors (except Minitracs). Suitable for ages 3 plus. Dimensions 40 x 23 x 78cm

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 62.93 VERIFY
Brand: John Deere Childrens’s Toys VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
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