John Deere 42 inch Edge X-Tra Mulch Deck by John Deere Parts and Attachments

John Deere 42 inch Edge X-Tra Mulch Deck Click to verify Price 703.20 This John Deere 42 inch mulch deck fits the John Deere X300 Lawn Tractor. When you mulch with a John Deere mulching mower, time is indeed on your side. The Edge Xtra Mulch Cutting System returns clippings to the lawn eliminating disposal hassles and lowering fertiliser costs; exclusive material gates can be removed to enable discharge of excess clippings in long grass. You'll barely notice the difference between collecting and mulching. Saving time isn't the only benefit of mulching. Finely cut grass clippings provide a great source of nitrogen for your lawn, providing you with essential free fertiliser. Features The two removable mulch “gates” at the rear of the deck discharge extra clippings in heavy grass conditions. Not tools are required to open the gates. On-deck storage position is provided to store the material gates. Regular mulch mowing can reduce the need to fertilise your lawn by up to 25%, as valuable nutrients are returned to the roots of the grass. Mulching is a quick and tidy way to mow your grass, removing the need for piles of clippings.

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