Husqvarna LS+ 1 Litre 2 Two Stroke Oil 5780370-02 by Husqvarna Parts and Attachments

Husqvarna LS+ 1 Litre 2 Two Stroke Oil 5780370-02 Click to verify Price 15.49 Husqvarna LS+ 1 Litre of Two Stroke Oil 5780370-02 The Low Smoke + oil is a mix of both mineral and synthetic oils. It gives off very little smoke and has extremely good lubrication qualities on high load engine components, such as the connecting rod and bearings. It is best used for chainsaws and clearing saws and brushcutters up to 55cc. This oil gives very low smoke emission, especially important when used in products often run in densely built up areas. It also gives lower engine temperature which extends the engine’s life. The formulation used in Husqvarna Low Smoke + oil give a very good seizure protection, both against lean as well as carbon related piston seizures. Produced by Husqvarna, but suitable for most 2 stroke engines.

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