Husqvarna Combi Canister 5807542-01 by Husqvarna Parts and Attachments

Husqvarna Combi Canister 5807542-01 Click to verify Price 33.90 Husqvarna Combi Canister 5807542-01 Husqvarna Combi canister – Volume: 5 litres of petrol; 2.5 litres of oil With the new improved Husqvarna Combi canister you do not waste fuel. The size of the canister is an optimal ratio between fuel and oil (5 L / 2.5 L). The integrated toolbox compartment means you have frequently used tools and spare parts always there when you need them. Approved in accordance with UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Transparent viewing window for an accurate indication of the fuel. Overflow Protection – Once the tank is completely filled, the fuel flow is stopped and the canister can be removed without spilling fuel. Mechanical neck closure – The spout has a mechanical shutter to prevent accidental opening or leakage. Integrated tool box – The canister is equipped with an integrated tool box to carry commonly needed tools. Transport position – The spout can be turned into a transport position to prevent damage during trips. Ergonomic bracket – Optimally positioned handles facilitate carrying and refueling.

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