Husqvarna 545 Petrol Chainsaw by Husqvarna

Husqvarna 545 Petrol Chainsaw Click to verify Price 550.00 The Husqvarna 545 petrol chainsaw is a heavy duty chainsaw that has been manufactured specifically for demanding work and thus is the ideal chainsaw for contractors and land owners. It has an innovative designed and is packed full of features to improve performance including the X-Torq engine which reduces fuel consumption by 20% and exhaust emission by 75%. The 545 is an intelligent chainsaw as it has the ability to auto tune itself to always provide optimal engine performance. This automatic tuning system means you won’t have to spend time adjusting the carburettor as it automatically compensates for different fuels, humidity, temperature and altitude. The X-Torq engine has been designed to be environmentally friendly and economical. The exhaust emissions have been reduced by up to 75% and the fuel efficiency has been increased by up to 20%. This machine also has a unique air injection system, developed by Husqvarna. The air injection system removes dust and other debris from the air intake before it reaches the carburettor. Long exposure to vibration can cause injury, however the Husqvarna 545 petrol chainsaw has a “LowVib” anti-vibration system. An anti-vibration system is very useful when operating machinery for long periods of time as dampeners absorb the vibration. Specifications: Engine: 2 Stroke X-Torq Cylinder Displacement: 50.1cc Power: 2.5kw Maximum Power Speed: 9600rpm Fuel Consumption: 424g/k wh Spark Plug: NGK CMR6H Maximum Torque: 2.69nm / 6600rpm Oil Tank Volume: 0.27 litre Oil Pump Capacity: 5-12 ml Chain Pitch: .325 Anti-vibration System: Yes Weight: 4.9kg Warranty: 2 Years Commercial Warranty (Subject to registration)

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