Honda Brushcutter UMK 425UE by Honda

Honda Brushcutter UMK 425UE Click to verify Price 359.00 Honda's latest range of handheld garden products are built around a technically advanced mini 4-stroke engine, perfectly suited to the demands of handheld product use: Featuring the new ultra-efficient and quiet GX25 engine, this Honda 25cc brushcutter is easy-to-use, robust and lightweight,delivering a heavyweight performance to tackle the heavy undergrowth that mowers can´t cut. Using your brushcutter is easier and more comfortable than ever thanks to improved ergonomics and lower emissions. The new Honda UMK 425 UE has a bike-type handle for greater control. A comfort harness and protective goggles are included. Nylon line cutting head and 3-tooth blade included. Features Lightweight – one of the world's lightest 4-stroke engines at 2.78kg Versatile – unique lubrication system allows the product to be used or stored through a full 360° incline Powerful – the best power/weight ratio: 0.26kW/kg Ecological – meets EN2006 emissions standards Easy to use – low recoil effort for easy, reliable starting Specification Handle design: Bike-type Maximum power output: 1.0hp/ 7000rpm Maximum torque: null Fuel capacity: 0.55 litres Oil capacity: 0.08 litre Engine: GX25 mini 4- stroke Starter mechanism: Recoil Dry weight: 5.43kg Sound pressure(db(A)): 110 Vibration(m/sec2): 2.8 – 4.6 3 tooth blade: Included Nylon head: Spool A bottle of 4-stroke oil is included with this brushcutter Manufacturer's 5 year warranty (for domestic users) 12 months warranty (for commercial users)

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