Hitachi CS33ET (35S) Top Handle Chainsaw by Hitachi

Hitachi CS33ET (35S) Top Handle Chainsaw Click to verify Price 439.00 The Hitachi CS33ET(35S) Top Handled Petrol Chainsaw is a lightweight and compact chain saw with a top handle that is designed especially for professional tree servicing and working in confined spaces. With a well balanced design and single lever control, the Hitachi CS33ET(35S) Top Handled Petrol Chainsaw offers superior comfort and usability. Hitachi's innovative 'PureFire' two-stroke engine, produces ultra-low emissions without the need for special or additional internal moving parts. During the intake / compression stroke, the optimized scavenging system within the cylinder and crankcase walls, significantly increase the atomization of the fuel / air mixture which results in a much more efficient combustion process. Then, in the combustion / exhaust stroke, the exhaust exits through a small catalytic converter in the muffler where the remaining hydrocarbons turn into carbon dioxide. Specifications Displacement: 32.3cc Max. Power: 1.02kW Fuel Tank Capacity: 300cc Oil Tank Capacity: 190cc Chain Pitch: 3/8″ Guide Bar Length: 300mm Type of Guide Bar: Sprocket Nose Chain Gauge: 0.05″ Weight: 3.7kg Purefire – Low Emission Two Stroke Engine. S-Start: Soft and smooth engine recoil starter. Side Access Chain Tensioner allows the chain to be adjusted through the side case. Finger Holder allows you to easily hold the chainsaw stably and firmly. Screw to adjust engine speed located on the top for easy use. Auto Choke Return. Manufacturer's 2 year warranty

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