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Welcome to Garden Equipment Review we have two sites and Garden equipment review was set up to help people find the right products for your garden, forestry or landscaping business.

I have worked in horticulture and agriculture for the last 30 years, almost all of this time has been running my own landscaping business, I now work on a freelance basis. Over the years I’ve seen many people struggle with their gardens, often due to using very poor equipment or just the wrong machine for the job!

At Garden Equipment Review our aim is to help people find the right tools for the right job, please feel free to add reviews, comments about the various pieces of equipment that we have on the site.

I always advise people to buy quality equipment that is built to last, having been in the contracting business, I have been used to using quality tools. However, if you are someone who may be only uses a particular t tool occasionally then there are cheaper options available. However, at the bottom end of the market, there are some extremely poor quality tools that are a total waste of money and just bring frustration and unnecessary expense to the user! For example I’ve seen some really cheap petrol blowers which have no ant vibration system and after three minutes you can barely feel your hand!

We can be contacted here on our contact page and feel free to share your comments and reviews.

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