Hayter Handle Bolt HY226024 by Hayter Parts and Attachments

Hayter Handle Bolt HY226024 Click to verify Price 3.46 Hayter handle bolt, used on many of Hayter’s mowers Replaces 300152 (obsolete) Use HY226024 Thread – 8mm. Thread length – 45mm. Suitable for Hayter models; Ranger 398E Ranger 399E Motif Push 432D Motif Push 432E Motif Push 432F Motif Push 433D Motif Push 433E Motif Push 433F Motif Auto Drive 434D Motif Auto Drive 434E Motif Auto Drive 434F Motif Auto Drive 435D Motif Auto Drive 435E Motif Auto Drive 435F Harrier 48 Autodrive VS 490E Harrier 48 Autodrive VS 490F Harrier 48 Autodrive VS E/S 491E Harrier 48 Autodrive VS E/S 491F Harrier 48 Autodrive VS BBC 493E Harrier 48 Autodrive VS BBC 493F Harrier 48 Pro Autodrive 496G Harrier 56 340A Harrier 56 Autodrive VS 560E Harrier 56 Autodrive VS 560F Harrier 56 Autodrive V/S 560G Harrier 56 Autodrive VS E/S 561E Harrier 56 Autodrive VS E/S 561F Harrier 56 Autodrive V/S E/S 561G Harrier 56 Autodrive VS BBC 563F Spirit 615D Spirit 41 Electric 615E Spirit 616D Spirit 41 Electric 4 Wheel Push 616E Spirit 617D Spirit 41 Push 617E Spirit 619D Spirit 41 Autodrive 619E

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Product Price: 3.46 VERIFY
Brand: Hayter Parts and Attachments VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
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