Hayter BBC Control Lever fits Harrier 41, 48, 56 p/n 340179 by Hayter Parts and Attachments

Hayter BBC Control Lever fits Harrier 41, 48, 56 p/n 340179 Click to verify Price 13.90 This is a genuine Hayter BBC Control Lever p/n 340179 Suitable for the following Hayter models; Ambassador 3 390L, 390T, 392L Ambassador 3 – 10 Blade 390L Ambassador 3 – 5 Blade 392L Harrier 41 305L push, 306L S/P, 307L S/P&E/S Harrier 41 Auto Drive VS 413D Harrier 41 ES VS 412D Harrier 41 Push 410A, 410D Harrier 41 Autodrive 306A, 411A Harrier 41 Autodrive E/S 307A Harrier 41 E/S 306T, 307T Harrier 41 E/S S/P 307L Harrier 41 E/S Vari speed 412A Harrier 41 Push 305A, 305L, 305N, 305P, 305R, 305T, 308L, 308N, 410A, 410C Harrier 41 Push SE 308T Harrier 41 S/P 306L, 306N, 306P, 306R, 312L, 312N Harrier 41 S/P E/S 307L, 307R Harrier 41 Variable Sp. A/D E/S 412A, 412C Harrier 41 Variable Speed A/D 413A, 413C Harrier 48 490D, 491D, 493D, 496D Harrier 48 Autodrive 480D Harrier 48 Autodrive E/S 481D Harrier 48 Autodrive VS 490E, 490F, 490H Harrier 48 Autodrive VS BBC 493E, 493F Harrier 48 Autodrive VS E/S 491E, 491F Harrier 48 Pro Autodrive VS 496F Harrier 48 5 speed electric start autodrive 488T Harrier 48 A/D Variable Speed 481C Harrier 48 Auto Drive 480A, 480C, 480T, 480V Harrier 48 Autodrive Electric Start 481A, 481V Harrier 48 E/S S/P 220L, 220R, 220T Harrier 48 Pro 486C Harrier 48 Pro Autodrive 486A, 486T, 486V, 496G Harrier 48 S/P 480R Harrier 48 S/P 219L, 220L E/S Harrier 48 S/P E/S 481R Harrier 48 486T Harrier 48 488S Harrier 56 561D 563D Harrier 56 Autodrive 340A, 340S Harrier 56 Autodrive VS 560E, 560F Harrier 56 Autodrive VS BBC 563E Harrier 56 Autodrive VS E/S 561E, 561F Harrier 56 Autodrive E/S 341A, 341S Harrier 56 Autodrive V/S 560G Harrier 56 Autodrive V/S E/S 561G Harrier 56 Cat.Convertor 342L Harrier 56 E/S 341L, 341R, 341T Harrier 56 S/P 340L, 340R, 340T, 341L Harrier 56 Auto Drive 340C Harrier 56 Pro Autodrive 566G Harrier 56 Variable Sp. A/D E/S 341C Hawk Push 308A, 308N Hawk S/P 312N Hawk Auto Drive 312A, 312C Hawk Push 308A, 308C Hayterette 005A, 005C Hayterette Domestic 005T Hayterette Domestic Push 005L, 005N Hayterette Professional Push 284L, 284N Hunter 41 Push 300L, 300T, 302L, 302N Hunter 41 S/P 301L, 301T Hunter 46 Push 320L, 320T Hunter 46 S/P 321L, 321T Hunter 54 S/P 331L Hunter 54 S/P Recoil 331T Jubilee 422N, 423N push, 424N S/P Jubilee Autodrive 424A, 424V Jubilee Push 422A, 422N, 422V, 423A, 423N, 423V Jubilee S/P 424N Kestrel Push 308D Motif Auto Drive 434D, 434E, 434F, 435D, 435E, 435F Motif Push 432D, 432E, 432F, 433D, 433E, 433F Motif 41 Push 432A, 432C Motif 48 Auto Drive 434A, 434C Motif 48 Auto Drive 434C Motif 48 Push 433A, 433C Motif 53 Auto Drive 435A, 435C Ranger 398D, 399D Ranger 3 in 1 436D Ranger 41 Push 415A, 415C Ranger 48 Autodrive 398A, 398C, 398S Ranger 48 Push 397A, 397S Ranger 53 Autodrive 4 Speed 399A, 399C, 399S If you are unsure whether this is the correct part for your machine, please fill out our online parts enquiry form here . The technical department will then respond to confirm whether or not it is the correct part for your machine.

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Product created on: 08-09-2013 20:51 VERIFY
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