Handy Mains Electric Tiller by Handy

Handy Mains Electric Tiller Click to verify Price 77.99 The Handy mains electric tiller takes a lot of the sweat and hard-work out of gardening. Use it in the spring for cultivating firm ground and for digging-in compost and fertilisers. In the summer it's ideal for cultivating borders, beds, and vegetable gardens and digging up weeds. The electric (230 volts) 750W motor provides easy starting, quiet operation and can handle most soil types. Revolving tines are mounted under the motor so you can guide the tiller easily between narrow vegetable rows, around trees, or amongst perennials. Operated from the mains electricity supply via a 10 metre (33ft) cable, the Handy Electric Tiller has a working width of 30cm (12in) and a working depth of up to 25cm (10in), depending on soil conditions. The tiller has foldable handles for easy storage. The weight of the tiller is 7.5kgs Manufacturer's 1 year warranty

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