Handy LC29140 Compactor Plate by Handy

Handy LC29140 Compactor Plate Click to verify Price 270.00 Compactor plates and wacker plates are used to compress or compact down soil or other landscaping materials for a level surface. These machines are a useful item of power equipment if you are re-laying a drive with gravel, a patio with paving slabs or lawn with fresh soil. The Handy LC29140 compactor plate has a 12 inch / 495mm width and can be used with an optional paving pad and folding wheel kit. This Handy compactor plate has a travelling speed of 25 metres per minute and is powered by an 87cc Loncin engine which uses unleaded fuel and 4-stroke engine oil. The LC29140 can compact down to a depth of 200mm with a force of 861kg and work at a gradient of up to 20 degrees. Specifications LC29140 Width : 12″ / 495mm Engine : Loncin OHV Engine Power : 87cc Fuel : Unleaded petrol Engine Oil : 4-stroke Working Depth : Down to 200mm Warranty : Manufacturer's 12 month domestic

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