Handy EV3000 Electric Blower/Vac by Handy

Handy EV3000 Electric Blower/Vac Click to verify Price 49.99 Handy 3000w electric variable speed blower/vac. This electric garden blower/vac is designed for blowing or collecting small garden waste. The THEV3000 is also fitted with a front wheel for resting the machine on the ground when being used on paths etc. It can be switched from blowing to vacuuming mode with a simple flick of a lever and the telescopic nozzle can be extended to a position comfortable to the operator Specification Motor: 3000w electric Variable Speed 3 functions: blow, shred and vacuum Working Speed: 6000 – 14,000 min 40 litre capacity collection 10 metre cable Mulching Ratio: 10:1 Front wheel Shoulder strap Weight: 4.5kg Manufacturers 1 Year Warranty

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Product Price: 49.99 VERIFY
Brand: Handy VERIFY
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