Genuine NGK BCPR5ES Spark Plug by NGK

Genuine NGK BCPR5ES Spark Plug Click to verify Price 3.49 Genuine NGK BCPR5ES Spark Plug Fits John Deere walk behind mowers; John Deere JA65, JS61, JS63C, JS63V, JS63VC, JS63 with 6.5 hp (189 cc) Briggs & Stratton Intek OHV (121602-0269-E1, 121602-0525-E1, 12E602-0135-E1, 121602-0370-E1, 121602-0528-e1) This spark plug is suitable for Briggs & Stratton Intek 5.5 – 6.5hp engines and Intek 6.5hp horizontal Intek engine & the 875 Series engine NGK equivalent to Briggs & Stratton part number 992304 Fits the Mountfield 827M & Atco Rider 27M & Rider 25 models fitted with the Briggs & Stratton 875 Series engine. Fits John Deere X165 Fits many other Chainsaw, Brushcutter & Lawnmower models including; AGRIA: 4500 03x/63x series (B&S 16HP engine), 5900 Bison, Taifun (B&S engines), 2500 Hydro (B&S Vanguard 13HP engine) AL-KO: 4700BRV, 4800BRV, 5200BRV (B&S DOV engines), MH5060 (B&S engine), T13-82S, T13-82HD, T15-92HD, T15-92HDE, T15-102HD, T15-102HDS (B&S OHV engines), T18-102HD, T18-102HDE, T20-102HD, T20-102HDE (B&S OHV engines), T850R, T920HD, T920R, T1000HD (B&S OHV engines) ALPINA: One 63Y, One 72Y, One 72YH, One 92Y, One 92YH (B&S OHV engines), One 98Y, One 102Y, One 102YH, One 122YH (B&S OHV engines) BRIGGS & STRATTON: 3.5HP 93400 Series With top tank (Slanted entry plug fitment, 19mm Thread Reach), 4.0HP 085400 Series (Vanguard), 5.0HP 104700, 115400 Series (Vanguard), 6.0HP 99700 Series (Europa) (OHV), 6.0HP 117400 Series (Vanguard), 6.0HP 121600 Series (Intek), 7.5HP 138400 Series (Vanguard), 9.0HP 161400 Series (Vanguard), 9.0HP 185400 Series (Vanguard), 11.0HP 235400 Series (Vanguard), 12.5HP 260700 Series (Vanguard), 12.5HP 290400 Series (Vanguard), 13.0HP 245400 Series (Vanguard), 13.0HP 28P700 Series (Vanguard), 14.0HP 287700 Series (OHV), 14.0HP 294400, 294700 Series (Vanguard), 15.0HP 28N700 Series (OHV), 15.5HP 28Q700, 28S700 Series (Vanguard), 16.0HP 303400, 303700 Series (Vanguard), 16.5HP 310700 Series (Intek), 17.0HP 312700 Series (Intek), 18.0HP 350400, 350700 Series (Vanguard), 20.0HP 351400, 351700 Series (Vanguard), 20.0HP 406700 Series (Intek), 23.0HP 380400, 380700, 386400, 386700 Series (Vanguard), 700, 750 Series (DOV), 800, 825, 850, 875 Series (OHV), 900 Series (OHV), 1350, 1450 Series (OHV) CUB CADET Volunteer 4×4 (Kohler CH640 engine) EFCO JET DR 52 VBR6 (B&S engine), MR 55 TBD (B&S engine), MR 55 TBI (B&S engine), EF 63 C/6,5 M model, EF 72 C/12,5 H model, EF 72 C/12,5 M model, EF 93 C/13,5 H model (B&S engines), EF 105 J/15,5 H model, EF 105 J/18 H model, EF 124 J/22 H model (B&S engines), EF 106 J/17,5 H model, EF 106 J/18 H model (B&S engines), Tuareg 92, Tuareg 92 4×4 (B&S engines), MZ 2080 R (B&S engine) GREENMECH Arborist 15-23, CS100, CS100-18E (B&S Vanguard engines) HARRY 471 VFB (B&S OHV engine) HAYTER B&S Intek engines, Harrier 48 Pro Auto Drive (B&S Intek Edge 55 OHV engine), Harrier 48 Pro Vari Speed Auto Drive (B&S Intek Edge 55 OHV engine), Harrier 56 Auto Drive (B&S Intek Edge 55 OHV engine), Harrier 56 Auto Drive – Blade Brake Clutch (B&S Intek Edge 55 OHV engine), Harrier 56 Auto Drive – Electric Start (B&S Intek Edge 55 OHV engine), Harrier 56 Vari Speed Auto Drive (B&S Intek Edge 55 OHV engine), Harrier 56 Vari Speed Auto Drive – Blade Brake Clutch (B&S Intek Edge 55 OHV engine), Harrier 56 Vari Speed Auto Drive – Electric Start (B&S Intek Edge 55 OHV engine), Ranger 53 Pro Auto Drive (B&S Intek Edge 60 OHV engine), Heritage 13/30 Ride On Lawnmower (B&S 12.5HP I/C OHV AVS engine), Heritage M10/30 Ride On Lawnmower (B&S Powerbuilt 10.5HP OHV engine), Heritage RS14/82 Ride On Lawnmower (B&S I/C 13HP OHV AVS engine), Heritage RS17/102H Ride On Lawnmower (B&S Intek OHV AVS 17.5HP engine), Heritage ST38 Ride On Lawnmower (B&S Intek OHV AVS 15.5HP engine), Heritage ST42 Ride On Lawnmower (B&S Intek OHV V Twin 18HP engine) HUSQVARNA CT126, CTH126, CT151, CT154, CTH171, CTH174, CTH194, CTH200 Twin, CTH220 Twin, GTH260 Twin, YTH200 Twin, YTH220 Twin, CTH2036, CTH2542, LT1597, LC53e, LC53Be, LT126, LTH151, LT154, LTH154, WC48Se, R213C, R215TX, R216, R216AWD, R422Ts AWD, Rider 11C/R, 13C, 16C/C AWD, Rider 111B, 111B5, 5524S, DRT70 JONSERED LR2107C, FR2111/3/6, FR2213 MA, FR2216 A/A2, LT2120, LM2153, CT2105 KOHLER 3.5HP XT-6, 4.5HP XT-7, 5.0HP CH5, 6.0HP CH6, 7.0HP CH270, 9.5HP CH395, 11.0HP CH11, CV11, 11.0HP CV11 LP, 12.5HP CH12.5, CV12.5, 13.0HP CH13, CV13, 13.0HP CV13 LP, 14.0HP CH440, 14.0HP CV14, CH14, 14.0HP CV14 LP, 15.0HP CH15, CV15, 15.0HP SV470, 16.0HP CH16, CV16, 16.0HP CV460, 16.0HP SV480, 16.5HP CV465, 17.0HP CV17, CV490, 17.0HP SV530, 18.0HP CH18, CV18, CV493, CV495, 18.0HP SV540, 19.0HP SV590, 20.0HP CH20, CV20, CH640, 20.0HP SV600, SV710, SV810, 21.0HP SV610, 22.0HP CH22, CV22, 22.0HP SV620, SV715, 23.0HP CH23, CV23, 23.0HP SV720, SV820, 24.0HP SV725, 25.0HP CH25, CV25, CH730, CV730, 25.0HP SV730, SV830, 26.0HP CH26, CV26, 26.0HP SV735, 27.0HP CH740, CV740, 27.0HP SV740, SV840, 28.0HP CH745, CV745, 30.0HP CH750, CV750, CH5, CH6, CH18, CH20, CH22, CH25, CV11, CV12.5, CV14, CV18, CV20, CV22 MASSEY FERGUSON 30-13, 30-15, 30-17 McCULLOCH M115-77 (B&S engine), M125-97HRB, M125-97HB (B&S engines), M135-38 (B&S engine), M155-107HRB (B&S engine), M175-38 (B&S engine), M175-H38RB (B&S engine), M185-107HRB (B&S engine), M195-42H (B&S engine), M220-42H (B&S engine), M53-875DWA, MRT6 MOUNTFIELD FS45TL (B&S OHV engine), 827M OLEO-MAC LUX 53 TVI (B&S OHV Intek engine) POULAN 301ZX, 380ZX, 460ZX, 461ZX, 540ZX, 541ZX (B&S OHV engines), PB195H42LT (B&S OHV engine), PB20H42YT, PB22H46YT (B&S OHV engines), PB23H48YT, PB26H54YT, PBGT26H54 (B&S OHV engines), PO12530LT, PO17542LT, PO18542LT (B&S OHV engines), Weed Eater ONE (B&S 875 Series engine), PR8P27ES, DRT900, HDF900, PRRT900, RT900 (B&S 900 Series engines), FT900 SHIBAURA AM201, TR7 Bunker Rake, MTS-400 SNAPPER ELBC6151BV, ELBC6152BV, ELBX10151BV, ELBX10152BV, PP71402KV, G30000, G35000, G55000, G56000, G62000, ECP21550V, EFRP216516BV, EFRP2167517BV, EP2167517BV, ERP2167517BV, ELP216752BV, ELP216753BDV, ELP21702BV, ELP21703BDV, ELP21703BV, ENXT22875, EP217017BV, ERP217017BV, EP217018BV, ERP217018BV, EP217019BV, ERP217019BV, ERDV19850HW, Conquest (Kohler 27HP engine only), ELT125D331V, ELT125G331KV, ELT140H22BBU, ELT140H33ABV, ELT140H33BBV, ELT140H33DBV, ELT140H331KV, ELT140H411KV, ELT145H33FBV, ELT145H33GBV, ELT145H33HBV, ELT150H33IBV, ELT160H422BV, ELT180H33IBV, ELT18538, ELT18540, ELT2044, ELT2250, Prestige (Kohler 25HP & 27HP engines), RD2140, WLT170H38IBV, YT2344, Conquest (23HP engine only), E251023BVE, E2512523BVE, E281123BVE, E2812523BVE, E281323BVE, E2813523BVE, E331413KVE, E421613BVE, E331415KVE, E331416KVE, E331518KVE, E331520KVE, E331523KVE, ERZT185440BVE, ERZT20441BVE2, ESZT18336BVE, EYZ15334BVE, EZT18542150ZBVE, EZT20501BV, H1528E, H1730E, L824E, L1226E, M924E, M1227E, M1529E, P2132E, SS822EX, SS922EX, SS7522E, 6016RT, 7016RT, ICFR5505BV VIKING MB655G, MB655VM, MB655VR, GB370S, GB460, HB585 WACKER PT3V

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