Flymo Power Trim 500XT Electric Grass Trimmer by Flymo

Flymo Power Trim 500XT Electric Grass Trimmer Click to verify Price 50.00 The Flymo Power Trim 500XT 3 in 1 (Trim, Edge, & Shrub) is a powerful 500w electric power strimmer for cutting and neatening lawns, lawn edges and under shrubs. Its handy plant guard prevents damage to your plants and preserves your cutting line. Specification Power : 500w Cutting Diameter : 25cm Line Diameter : 1.5mm silent Line Feed : Dual Auto Cutting System : 3 in 1 (Trim, Edge & Shrub) Edging Plant Guard Cable Storage Cable Length : 12 metres Weight : 3.6 kg Manufacturer's 1 year warranty

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 50.00 VERIFY
Brand: Flymo VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
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