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DR Premier Field and Brush Mower Click to verify Price 1899.00 The DR 12.5 PREMIER Model Field and Brush Mower features a manual starting Briggs and Sratton engine with a gear-driven 3-speed transmission and power reverse, giving it the versatility of our other Field and Brush mowers. The knobby, powered wheels and commercial-duty clutch – the same clutch found in our larger models – give it traction and maneuverability. It will cut saplings up to 2″ thick and mow through 4-foot high grass and 8-foot high weeds and brush. Features Industrial/Commercial Brake&Clutch: Stops the mower's belt and blade from turning when you let go of the controls. It also allows you to drive the machine to and from your work site without the blade turning. Gear Driven Transmission: Provides three forward speeds so you can easily match the machine to your walking pace and to the type of material you are cutting. reverse gear helps you easily back out of holes, away from stumps, and out of tight spots. Blade Clutch: Pull the blade clutch lever and the blade starts spinning, release the lever and a powerful brake stops the blade almost instantly. Specification Engine: Briggs and Stratton I/COHV Power: 7.2kW / 19.45ft/lbs Cutting Width: 61cm / 24in fixed deck Cutting Height: approx. 10cm / 4in Recoil Start Transmission: 3 forward, 1 reverse Dimensions: L72 , W39, H28.5 inches Weight 97kg Warranty : 2 year homeowner, 90 day commercial Historical Part Number: DRFBM125

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