Cobra MT250C 4 in 1 Petrol Multi-Tool by COBRA

Cobra MT250C 4 in 1 Petrol Multi-Tool Click to verify Price 220.00 Exceptional quality and value for money 4 in 1 combination tool system from Cobra garden machinery. Don't buy four separate machines just have one power unti and 4 attachments. It couldn't be simpler! The Cobra MT250C multi tool features 4 different gardening attachments. Choose between the different attachments for your particular gardening job. Trimmer Attachment – Pre-filled with 2.4mm nylon cutting line for grass strimming and light weed cutting work. Can be filled with the larger 3mm line if required Brush cutter Attachment – Comes with 3 tooth metal cutting blade for heavier trimming including thick weeds, nettles, brambles etc Hedge trimmer Attachment – 16 inch (41cm) length with double reciprocating blades. Can be angled through 180 degrees for side or hedge top cutting Pole Pruner Attachment – 12 inch length with separate chain oil reservoir All the above attachments are run from the one power unit which has a 25cc Ergo Start petrol engine. Using Ergo start is a dream, the engine starts smoothly and easy on every go and takes the hard work out of your average recoil start mechanism. Once you've used a multitool you'll never go back to all your separate gardening tools. Specifications Type : 4 in 1 combination system Engine : 25cc, 2 stroke, air cooled with Ergo Start Fuel : Unleaded petrol Oil : 2 stroke engine oil, chain oil for the pole pruner attachment Handle : Loop Single shoulder harness included Warranty : 2 year domestic

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