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Stiga Spring Tine Hoe by Stiga Parts and Attachments

Stiga Spring Tine Hoe Click to verify Price 959.00 The Stiga Tine Hoe attachment for the Stiga Park ride on lawnmowers is another great addition to add increased functionality to your ride on lawnmower. The purpose of the tine hoe is for efficient weed removal by cutting them off at their roots. The tine hoe has a working width of 95cm and the working depth can be adjusted easily via the three adjustment screws. Compatibility: Park Compact 16 HST ✔ Park Plus ✔ Park Ranger ✔ Park Compact 16 4WD ✔ Park Residence 4WD ✔ Park Royal 4WD ✔ Park Pro 16 4WD ✔ Park Pro 20 4WD ✔ Park Pro 25 4WD ✔

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Product Price: 959.00 VERIFY
Brand: Stiga Parts and Attachments VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
Product created on: 08-09-2013 20:51 VERIFY
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