Bosch AHS45-15LI Cordless Electric Hedgecutter by Bosch

Bosch AHS45-15LI Cordless Electric Hedgecutter Click to verify Price 91.99 The Bosch AHS45-15LI cordless hedge cutter has a number of benefits over tradition petrol and electric hedge cutters. For example, with a cordless hedge trimmer you are not limited by the length of your mains cable. You also do not have the exhaust emissions associated with petrol hedge trimmers. It is powered by a 10.9v lithium-ion battery that has a run time of up to 50 minutes; the battery takes only 3 hours to charge. Lithium-ion batteries are very popular with use in portable electronic devices due to their short charge times and minimal degradation. The length of the blade is 450mm with 14mm blade spacing. The blades are diamond ground which provides a sharp and clean cut. This machine has an ergonomic handle and is very light (weighs 2kg). This makes the machine effortless to use. Specifications: Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery Voltage: 10.8v Battery Charge Time: 3 Hours Battery Run Time: up to 50 minutes Blade Length: 450mm Blade Spacing: 15mm Stroke Rate at no Load: 2.400spm Weight: 2kg Warranty 2 Years Domestic

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