Billy Goat OS552H Honda Engine Overseeder by Billy Goat

Billy Goat OS552H Honda Engine Overseeder Click to verify Price 1599.00 Billy Goat OS552 H 162cc Honda engined Overseeder. Lawn and garden overseeders are designed as a quick and easy way to re-seed your lawn or any grassy areas after they have been scarified. Scarifying or de-thatching will remove dead material from the ground which can leave brown patches in need of re growth. Overseeding is recommended to thicken bare or thinning patches on the lawn. Before you overseed mow the grass as short as possible. When using the overseeder for the 1st time set the deptch for no more An overseeder cuts slits into the ground for perfect seed to soil contact and a higher germination rate than just sprinkling the seeds on top. With a 162cc Honda engine fitted you can cover up to 13,2000 sq.ft an hour. The Billy Goat OS552 H has a 25lb capacity front seed box with a 51cm / 20″ vertislicing delta reel which is height adjustable. The drop settings can also be adjusted depending on the seed type. Features Polypropylene 25lb front mounted seed box On-board instructions to set drop rate Padded and folding handles. Can be folded without the use of tools. Easy to adjust Auto Drop system Vertislicing reel is ideal for overseeding and thinning running grasses. Optional accessory to convert into a power rake (not included) Specifications Engine : 162cc Honda (3 year engine warranty) Working Width : 51cm / 20″ Seed Box Capacity : 11.3kg / 25lb Depth Adjustment : 0.3cm – 1.3cm Heavy duty infinite height adjustment. Longer blade life then preset adjustments Productivity : 13,200 sq.ft/hr Weight : 81.2kg (179lbs) Length : 116cm Width : 67cm Heavy Duty wheels Steel guards protect the bearings and pulleys Manufacturer's Warranty – 1 Year

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