Billy Goat F1302H Petrol Wheeled Leaf Blower by Billy Goat

Billy Goat F1302H Petrol Wheeled Leaf Blower Click to verify Price 1479.00 The Billy Goat F1302H is a powerful professional quality Honda engined self-propelled Force Blower. At the heart of the Force II is a new single shot, closed face fan. At 16 blades, Billy Goat has 2x as many blades as the competition. 43cm (17″) fan. A distinct black grill marks the Force II. Unlike metal housings, the proven housing features a smooth, rounded design that eliminates air voids, reduces noise and increases output efficiency. Specification Improved design of soft rubber is standard. Direct the airflow where you need it most with fingertip control. Lockable for single position. Engine: 393cc Honda GX Chassis: Wheel Front: 10 inches x 3 inches Pneumatic Wheel Rear: 13 inches x 5 inches Pneumatic Weight: 152 lb Length: 58 inches Width: 29.25 inches Height: (Handles) 32.5 inches; (Housing) 45 inches. Manufacturer's 2 year machine warranty (residential and commercial)

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