Ardisam LS1265B 12 Tonne Towed Petrol Log Splitter by Ardisam

Ardisam LS1265B 12 Tonne Towed Petrol Log Splitter Click to verify Price 1149.00 Discontinued by the manufacturer and not available in the UK The newArdisam LS1265B petrol Log Splitter delivers versatility and portability to log splitting. TheEarthquake LS1265B features a dual height splitting beam whichcan be set at waist height for splittingor foldedlow to the ground. With the beam in the lowered position, the log splitter can be hauled by an ATV over rough terrain without tipping. TheArdisam LS1265B delivers compact size but packs the punch of a800 seriesBriggs & Strattonengine, providing a splitting force of 12 tonnes over a maximum working length of 21″. FeLStures Tandem Hauling The LS1265B has a telescopic draw bar enabling it to be towed by ATVs fitted with an ATV rack. It can also be towed in conjunction with a trailer for easy transportation of firewood. Two Handed Operation The dual operator controls ensure safe work, while the log is held in place by a log cradle for extra stability when splitting. Dual Height Beam The innovative splitting beam can be raised to a comfortable working height and lowered for transport creating a lower centre of gravity and greater stability. Specification Engine: Briggs and Stratton 800 series 206cc Splitting Force: 12 tonne Max. Split Length: 21″/ 53.3cm Wedge: 5″ high Hitch: Pin or optional ball style Weight: 100kg Manufacturer's 2 year domestic warranty A bottle of engine oil is included with this log splitter

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