Apt Ice Break Extreme Rapid Ice Remover 24kg Bucket by APT

Apt Ice Break Extreme Rapid Ice Remover 24kg Bucket Click to verify Price 74.99 With Winter comes the cold, with the cold comes ice. Ice can be very dangerous whether it is on walkways, in car parks or on roads. Apt ice break is a very effective way to combat the ice. Its unique formula allows it to work up to 8 times faster than traditional rock and salt mixtures. Other rock and salt mixtures often use filler and flakes to bulk out their product but ice break does not. Ice break is environmentally friendly as it is 100% soluble and biodegradable. It doesn’t leave a mess and it is non-toxic to humans, animals and vegetation. Features : Does not contain fillers or flakes which are commonly used to bulk out products. Scientifically designed to spread evenly Non-toxic to humans animals and vegetation 8x faster than rock salt and lasts up to 48 hours Does not leave a messy residue

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