Apt Ice Break Extreme Rapid Ice Remover 12.5kg Bucket by APT

Apt Ice Break Extreme Rapid Ice Remover 12.5kg Bucket Click to verify Price 40.00 Apt Ice Break is an ice melting solution that works 8 times faster than other conventional rock and salt mixtures. It is the ideal product for quickly de-icing pathways, drive ways, car parks and other heavily used areas. Ice break does not contain additional fillers or flakes that are frequently used in other de-icing products to bulk them out. Ice break will continue to work for up to 48 hours after initial application and will continue to work down to temperatures of -21c. Ice break is environmentally friendly, it is 100% soluble and biodegradable and it does not leave a mess. Features : Does not contain fillers or flakes which are commonly used to bulk out products. Has been scientifically designed to spreads evenly Non-toxic to humans animals and vegetation 8x faster than rock salt and lasts up to 48 hours Does not leave a messy residue

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