Allen 446 Hover Mower by Allen

Allen 446  Hover Mower Click to verify Price 439.00 From 2012 Allen hover mowers have been replaced by Toro/Hayter models. The Allen 446 is now available as the Toro HoverPro 450. Please click on the following link for more details: Toro HoverPro 450 Allen 446 Petrol Hover Mower: from Allen, this 18 inch width of cut (with nylon 'Safeway' cutting blade) hover mower is powered by a 4-stroke Honda engine and can be used on slopes up to 45 degrees. This model is suitable for domestic and commercial use. The Honda GCV E-spec engine has been developed for the demands of continuous inclined use. Pumped fuel ensures fuel delivery on toughest inclined jobs. The Honda •Dual Lube• dipper and cam belt oil transport system maintains lubrication for the most demanding slopes. Excellent power to weight ratio comparable to 2-stroke but with the advantages of 4-stroke. Trusted reliability with minimisation of complexity and very low engine component count afforded by the 'uniblock' combined barrel and head design, 45 degree split crank case and overhead valve belt driven system. A bottle of 4-stroke engine oil is included with this mower Manufacturer's 1 year warranty for domestic and commercial use Features Nylon 'Safeway' Cutting Blade – easy and inexpensive to change the nylon line Powered by 135 cc, 4.5 hp Honda GCV135 4-stroke engine, 3800 rpm 46 cm (18 inch) cut Height of cut 18 – 30 mm Working angle 45 degrees head up Weight 17.6 kg

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