AL-KO LHS 6000 Heavy Duty Log Splitter by AL-KO

AL-KO LHS 6000 Heavy Duty Log Splitter Click to verify Price 789.00 Alternative wood splitters can be found in our Electric Log Splitter Section . The AL-KO LHS 6000 is an easy to use electrically powered hydrauliclog splitter that is a quiet yet effective and efficient tool designed for heavy duty homeowner use. Features Always Stable: Fast swing-out safety feet give optimal stability during use and save space when in storage. Multi Height: AL-KO vertical splitters feature multi-height working positions to fit almost any log up to 1050mm. Double Activated Switches: Increases user safety by only allowing the unit to operate if both switches are simultaneously depressed. Specification Type: Vertical Splitter Motor: 240v, 3000 watt Max Split Force: 6 Tonne Max Split Length: 550 / 1050mm Weight: 128kg Manufacturer's 2 year warranty Important Note: We have had reports that the 13amp fuses are blowing when starting this log splitter. This is due to the high load on start up. AL-KO recommend using 2.5mm cable with a 16amp fused socket. Actions Necessary: It is recommended that the unit be wired from the consumer unit in a radial circuit (2.5mm cable), which terminates in a socket and plug being of a two pin and earth. This must comply with BS4343 or EN60309/2. It will also need an IP65 isolator switch to BS EN 60947. The circuit must be protected by a C type 16A MCB breaker and have a 30mA RCD. The above must be compliant with the current British Standard BS7671 (and part P). The cable from the plug to the appliance must be 2.5mm 3-core cable and a maximum length of 10 meters. We recommend that a qualified electrician carry out all electrical work.

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