AL-KO Comfort 38P Petrol Combi Care Lawnrake & Scarifier by AL-KO

AL-KO Comfort 38P Petrol Combi Care Lawnrake & Scarifier Click to verify Price 339.00 The AL-KO 38P is a scarifier and aerator that has easily swappable cartridges that allow you to quickly change from one function to the other. The 38P is a petrol scarifier and aerator and is the perfect machine for raking out thatch and moss; because it’s petrol it gives you more freedom to maneuverer as you are not limited by the length of the mains cable. It is also lightweight as it weighs only 20kg. The 38p comes equipped with a quality 53cc AL-KO 144F petrol engine. The AL-KO 38P scarifying cartridge has a working width of 38cm and the aerating cartridge has a working width of 37cm. It has a patented 5 position dial adjuster to allow for easy depth adjustment. The scarifier has 14 hardened steel blades and the aerator has 24 tines. The machine comes complete with a 55 litre collection unit. It is a reliable and durable machine that is perfect for medium to large sized gardens. Specifications: Engine: AL-KO 144F Power: 53cc Scarifying Blades: 14 Aerator Tines: 24 Scarifier Width: 38cm Aerator Width: 37cm Working Depth: 5 Stage Box Volume: 55 Litre Weight: 20kg

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