WESTWOOD / COUNTAX TRACTOR 42″ CUTTING BLADE KIT (40505300) by Westwood Parts & Attachments

WESTWOOD / COUNTAX TRACTOR 42span style=”font-size:9.0pt; font-family:”Verdana”,”sans-serif”;color:black”>This is a genuine Westwood / Countax Tractor 42” (IBS) Intelligent Blade System Cutting Blade Kit (40505300) manufactured to the highest standards. span style=”font-size:9.0pt; font-family:”Verdana”,”sans-serif”;color:black”>This blade kit comes complete with three blades and includes fixings. span style=”font-size:9.0pt; font-family:”Verdana”,”sans-serif”;color:black”>Blade Types Included: span style=”font-size:9.0pt; font-family:”Verdana”,”sans-serif”;color:black”>2 X 16869102/16869100 span style=”font-size:9.0pt; font-family:”Verdana”,”sans-serif”;color:black”>1 X 16869202/16869200

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