Tracmaster Ex – Demonstration And Reconditioned Machinery

BCS 630 Power Unit (inc Quick Coupling)

BCS 630 Power Unit (inc Quick Coupling)

Tracmaster have a range of ex-demonstration, reconditioned and out of production machines for sale on their website. Many of the machines have only been used for a few hours and generally these machines are almost perfect although there may be a few minor cosmetic imperfections. If a machine from Tracmaster is reconditioned, then it will have been refurbished by one of their qualified technicians. Machinery that is out of production will normally have full warranty and spare parts that are readily available. Warranty periods vary from machine to machine, with new products Tracmaster offer a standard two-year commercial warranty or a three-year warranty for domestic use. For help for any questions you have you can contact Tracmaster here.

The ex-demonstration and reconditioned machines are: (you can visit Tracmaster’s page here)

BCS 615 Power Scythe

BCS 630 Power Unit (including quick coupling)

Snowplough fitted with soft blade kit

52 cm Rotavator attachment

Camon four ton Log Splitter

100 cm Power/Snow Brush attachment


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  1. Tracmaster are regularly updating this page, so keep a lookout for more products. I have used and owned many Tracmaster products and I would firmly recommend them. The fact that they give a two-year warranty for commercial use and three-year warranty for domestic use, is very positive that they believe in their products.

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