Stihl STANDARD Helmet Set by Stihl Parts and Attachments

Stihl STANDARD Helmet Set Click to verify Price 38.50 The Stihl STANDARD is a proven pro logger protective helmet set with high noise protection and ABS helmet. The ABS helmet on the Larch is made from a special UV-stabilised material used for longer life. Complies with EN 352, EN 397, EN 1731. Ear Protection – Orange / H 9 SNR 26 (H:32; M:23: L:14) (106 dB(A)) Face Protection – Nylon Mesh V1B Helmet Shell – ABS Inner Fittings – 4-point Ventilation – Peaks Sweatband – Synthetic leather Light penetration – 55%

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 38.50 VERIFY
Brand: Stihl Parts and Attachments VERIFY
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