Stihl Blower Fanwheel 4241 704 3405 by Stihl Parts and Attachments

Stihl Blower Fanwheel 4241 704 3405 Click to verify Price 19.73 Genuine Stihl Blower Fanwheel / Impeller 4241 704 3405 Replaces 4241 704 3400 Suitable for the following models; BG56 BG86 BG86C-E BR200 SH56 SH86 SH56 C-E Z SH56C-E D SH56-D SH86 C-E SH86 C-E D SH86 C-E Z SH86-D

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 19.73 VERIFY
Brand: Stihl Parts and Attachments VERIFY
Merchant: Mowers Online VERIFY
Product created on: 29-11-2015 21:38 VERIFY
Product Last updated: 29-11-2015 21:38 VERIFY

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