Stiga SBC 242D Bike Handle Petrol Brush cutter by Stiga

Stiga SBC 242D Bike Handle Petrol Brush cutter Click to verify Price 229.00 Stiga brush cutters and grass trimmers have a proven record of reliability throughout the industry. New components have been used to make these 2016 Stiga models better than ever with improved performance, lower vibration and enhanced durability. The Stiga SBC 242D is a powerful mid-range straight shaft model which uses a 42.7cc 2 stroke Stiga engine. The SBC 242D comes complete with both a Tap 'n' Go head and 3 tooth metal blade so is suitable for even tough homeowner jobs. The nylon head is used for strimming longer grass and light weeds where as the blade will slice through more difficult overgrown areas of brush and bramble. Double handles help the brush cutter to be used more comfortably over longer periods and a double harness is provided for extra user safety. Better acceleration from cold with the new butterfly carburettor with auto-choke function & fast idle. A new 3 cavity muffler reduces both the engine noise and the operating temperature. Improved engine cooling is achieved by the 21 fin flywheel and premium gasket The stable engine speed is produced by the inlet manifold which is made from premium materials and a bigger, denser air filter sponge. Specifications Model : SBC242D Type : Brush cutter and grass strimmer Engine Type : 2 stroke Stiga Power Output : 1.25kW Engine Capacity : 42.7cc Fuel : Petrol and 2 stroke oil mix Shaft Type : Straight Shaft Thickness : 26mm Handle Type : Double / Bike Tap 'n' Go Head : Yes 3 Tooth Metal Blade : Yes Weight : 8.8kg Manufacturer's Domestic Warranty : 2 years

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