Stiga Estate Grand Tornado HST Garden Tractor by Stiga

Stiga Estate Grand Tornado HST Garden Tractor Click to verify Price 2129.00 This model will be replaced by the Stiga Tornado 3108 H Mulching / Side Discharge Lawn Tractor available later this season. More details coming soon. Save time and energy with the Stiga Estate Grand Tornado Garden Tractor. The Grand Tornado does not collect grass trimmings, eliminating the time it takes to empty the grass collection unit. The Grand Tornado instead uses a process called mulching. Mulching is where the grass trimmings are cut and recut in to tiny bits. The clippings are then blown down in to the soil and left to wilt. It is barely visible and is beneficial to the lawn as it provides the soil with additional nutrients. The Stiga Estate Grand Tornado uses a 500cc Briggs and Stratton engine and can reach speeds of up to 9.7kmph. It also uses hydrostatic transmission which adds to the simplicity of this machine. Hydrostatic transmission is essentially automatic, the harder you push the pedal the faster the machine will go. This magnificent machine also offers an electronic deck engagement system and a huge cutting width of 108cm Specifications : Engine: Briggs and Stratton Engine Type: Power Built 4185 AVS Engine Capacity: 500cc Cylinder Output: 1/6.3kw Transmission: Hydrostatic Top Speed: 9.7kmph Wheels: Front 15” Rear 18” Turning Circle: 140cm Cutting Width: 108cm Deck Engagement: Electronic Height of Cut: 25mm to 80mm (7 Positions)

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