Solo 7.5 Litre Garden Sprayer with 50cm Lance by SOLO

Solo 7.5 Litre Garden Sprayer with 50cm Lance Click to verify Price 40.00 Solo SO 462 hand held high pressure garden sprayer with a 7.5 litre tank capacity and 50cm spraying lance. With a larger capacity 7.5 litre tank the Solo SO 462 sprayer is suited to spraying large areas of ground and plants. Made from durable plastic the SO 462 garden sprayer has a wide neck opening to limit any spillage when filling up. Make the most of your sprayer and use it for greenhouse work, spraying shrubs, plants, patios and lawns. This model is 3 bar / 45Psi. Can be used to disperse both feed, weed and pest control mixtures over large areas. Piston pump sprayers are reliable, simple devices. They usually consist of a piston, chamber and a pair of valves. They are maintenance free and work with highly compressed air. Specifications Dry Weight : 1.5kg Tank Capacity : 7.5 litres Pump Type : Piston Max. Pressure : 3 Bar. 45 Psi 50cm Spray Lance Manufacturer's 1 year warranty

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