Sheen X300 Flame Gun by Sheen

Sheen X300 Flame Gun Click to verify Price 159.00 The Sheen X300 weed killing flame gun is the most effective weedkiller you can buy. This Sheen flamegun destroys weeds with a searing 2000 degrees F blast which stops sap rising. Leaving the weeds to dry for a few days, a second gunning incinerates all top growth and weed seeds, leaving a potash rich residue. A Hood and Trolley are available as optional extras for this Sheen flame gun. Manufacturer's 1 year warranty Specification One gallon tank Paraffin fuel Integral pressure pump Pressure gauge Recommended operating pressure 25 psi, maximum 40 psi Precision control valve and burner

Garden Equipment
Product Price: 159.00 VERIFY
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