SCH 60 inch P3 Turf care System – Aerator – SCP3A by SCH

SCH 60 inch P3 Turf care System - Aerator - SCP3A Click to verify Price 492.00 The SCH aerator attachment for P3 grass care system has 10 discs each carrying 6 areation spikes. The spikes drive into the ground giving up to 125mm penetration with added weight. To use this SCH60 inch working width aerator attachment, the SCHP3 60 inch Grass Care System – Carrier Frame (the basic unit to which theaerator has to be attached) must also be purchased. The opening up of the surface relieves compaction, improves drainage and allows air and feed to reach the root formations quickly. Working Width: 1500mm/ 60 inch Manufacturer's 1 year warranty

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